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Birth Date: 14 December, 1976
Residence: Chicago - USA
Nationality: Egyptian, American
Identity: Muslim
IRC, mIRC, ICQ Nick: Hamado
Email address:

School of Computer Science, Telecommunications and Information systems.
Software Engineering
Graduate Student.

Arthur Andersen Technology Solutions (AATS),
Web Architecture Group.

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My name is Ahmed Rehab, I am an Egyptian, permanently residing in the U.S.A. In this page, you will find information about me as well as about my favorite topics. All the various links are grouped in one section under the heading "Ahmed's best links", there you will find some wonderful, comprehensive links to Egypt, Islam, and France . There is a total of eight sections to check out. They are indexed in the contents below.


Vital Statistics: Basic info...
Biography: short summary...
Photo Album: see my pictures...
Education and Career
Education: Basic information about my schooling and coursework
Career: Information about my possible career(s)..
Interests: This section includes a description of my hobbies and interests.

Favorites: If you ever feel down, it is very helpful as a soothing technique to draft up a list of your favorite things in life, exchaning such lists also allows people to better their acquaintance with one another (this technique also enables you to get better insight into your own personality). Here is my choice of favorites on a whole bunch of categories including film, song, book, president, country, plus much more...
Egypt: My Origin
Link to the Egypt Cafe - the Egyptian communities online hangout.
Islam: My Faith
Here, you can read the Holy Koran in 12 different languages! You can also make a search on any word in the Koran in English, German, Dutch, French, or Spanish! Also access to a hadith library, Islamic heritage material, and more!
Cultural Corner
Cafe Arabica The Arab American community's place on the net.
Arabic Songs
Classical Music For the taste refined...
Egypt's Culture Net Egypt's rich cultural heritage is outlined here.

A. Rehab's Essays
Love, what is it?
Why, why?
The Fellah
On American Culture
American Double Standardism: The Case of the Two Books
American Double Standardism: The Case of the Two Films
Ahmed's Best Links
My Egyptian Links: A wide range of all the excellent links you'd need....
My French Links: Very enjoyable collection....
My Islamic Links: A comprehensive link selection to informative sites..
MY ZINEDINE ZIDANE PAGE Enjoy the best Zidane site on the web, guaranteed!
MY BOSNIA PAGE A very important place to be.


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Copyright Ahmed Rehab 1998-99. All Rights Reserved
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