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Undergraduate Course work:

The following is my undergraduate course work (1994-1997) at the University of Illinois at Chicago, USA. I majored in Psychology and Pre-medicine. I tried to make mine a liberal, all-round, undergrad program.

Advanced Placement:

General Biology
European history (1300-1648)
European History (1648-present)
Calculus I


(CHEM 112) General Chemistry I
(CHEM 114) General Chemistry II
(CHEM 232) Organic Chemistry I
(CHEM 232) Organic Chemistry II
(PHYS 101) General Physics I
(PHYS 102) General Physics II

Political Science:

(POLS 101) American Government and Politics
(POLS 190) Scope of Political Science
(POLS 243) Politics and Government of the Middle East


(PSCH 100) Introduction to Psychology
(PSCH 242) Research in Psychology
(PSCH 210) Theories of Personality
(PSCH 262) Physiological Psychology
(PSCH 270) Abnormal Psychology
(PSCH 343) Statistical Methods in Behavioral Science
(PSCH 350) Sensation and Perception
(PSCH 303) Writing in Psychology
(PSCH 352) Cognition and Memory

Foreign Languages:

(FREN 104) Intermediate French II
(FREN 231) Conversation and Composition I
(FREN 232) Conversation and Composition II
(GER 101) Elementary German I


(GEOG 100) Concepts in Geography
(GEOG 101) Geography of the World
(GEOG 202) Geography of the United States & Canada

Other Courses:

(ENG 160) English Composition I
(ENG 161) English Composition II
(HAA 111) History of Art & Architecture II
(KINE 101) Badminton I
(HIST 233) History of the Middle East

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