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The following tables list the various packages, services, and items we offer, as well as their prices. The list is detailed; nonetheless, should you require further elaboration on any specific item, please feel free to contact us at

Package Description Our Price Our Competitors*
Basic Package
  • 10 Web Pages
  • 20 Graphics (Text or Images)
  • 1 Feedback Form
  • 2 Animated GIFs
  • 17 Links
  • 2 Scanned Logos
  • 1 Custom Form
  • 1 Maintenance Session
  • Domain Name & Server Set-up (See Services Below)
$825 $1295 - $2500
Advanced Package
  • 20 Web Pages
  • 40 Graphics (Text or Images)
  • 1 Feedback Form
  • 2 Animated GIFs
  • 25 Links
  • 3 Scanned Logos
  • 2 Custom Forms
  • 2 Maintenance Sessions
  • Domain Name & Server Set-up (See Services Below)
$1680 $2,395 - $5000
Deluxe Package
  • Customized
Contact us N/A

Item Description Our Price Our Competitors*
Web Page Creating and setting up a web page $95 $200
Text Graphic Customized Full Color Text Graphic $18 $30
Image Full Color Picture Graphic $25 $45
Link Link one page to another page in your site, or to an external page through a highlighted text or image. $15 $30
Logo We can scan and your existing logo and use it as an image on your site, or we can create a logo for you. $30 $65
Feedback Form Like the "Contact Us" page on this site, Feedback forms give your customers a quick easy way to contact you. You can also customize forms to gather much more info such as in a survey. $35 $55
JavaScript Element JavaScript elements allow your site to be interactive. They include such effects as a button lighting up when you point your mouse over it, or an image changing on the spot, an image slideshow, scrolling or fading text, or a dropdown menu, etc. $28 $45

Service Description Our Price Our Competitors*
Consultation / Planning Session Introductory session(s) to assess your needs, record your ideas for your website, offer expert advise, and answer all your questions. $45 per hour $85 per hour
Domain Name A domain name enables you to have an easy web address that includes the name of your business followed by ".com" (example: All domain names must be registered with InterNIC. $30 per year
$35 per year
Domain Name & Server Setup Server space is available everywhere. AmrexDesign.Com currently uses FrozenBell or Tripod for server space (100MB Disk Space). $20 per year
$25 per year
Site Maintenance Session Daily, Weekly, or Monthly scheduled sessions. $25 per session $45 per session
Textual Content Authoring Most web design companies are limited to graphic and HTML design. AmrexDesign.Com; however, also offers you access to creative marketing writers who can put together the textual content of your site for you in flawless, effective English. A well written and punctuated website adds to its crediblity and professionalism. (Note: a page typically contains between 1-3 Paragraphs). $50 per page Not Offered
Meta Tags Meta Tags are code we place in your page to emphasize your keywords and description thus making your page more popular on search engines and more surfer friendly. The result is wider exposure and more business for your site. $30 per page $55 per page
Web Promotion Submit your site to the top 20+ search engines/directories on the web. This enables web surfers to find you on these search engines if they search for your name or keywords. $70 $110

To place an order, please contact us via the contact page, or directly email:

* Prices of our competitors were garnered through a survey of a selection of the best-priced web design companies
obtained through the Yahoo! Search engine with the query string "Web Site Design Prices".
As an example of one of our competitors, you can visit here or here or here .