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Letter To President Clinton, From Archbishop Pavlos.


    Hellenic Orthodox Traditionalist Church of America
    Holy Metropolis of the Greek Orthodox
    Old Calendar Church of America
    Cathedral of Saint Markella
    22-68 26th Street Astoria, NY 11105
    Tel: 718-274-2875
    E-mail: Smyrna1922@AOL.COM
     Metropolitan Archbishop PAVLOS
     Of the Greek Orthodox Old Calendar Church Of North and South America
     Member of the Holy Synod of the Old Calendar Church of Greece
     Under the Presidency of Archbishop CHRYSOSTOMOS II of Athens and All Greece
     William Jefferson Clinton
     President of the United States of America
     1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
     Washington, D.C.
     March 23, 1999
     Dear Mr. President,
     Again I write to you as a Christian and as an American.
     Sir, we are poised on the brink of disaster, a disaster that is
     manifold in its dimensions and character.
     As I expressed to you in my previous letter this imminent
     and unprovoked  attack against Yugoslavia is immoral. Even
     the trepidation alone that we have instilled in the people of
     Yugoslavia is a horror. The fact that this is exactly one of
     our intentions is offensive.
     Legally speaking our country is heading toward the perpetration of
     a crime of international proportions.
     We are acting without a UN mandate.
     We are violating the very charter of the NATO Pact.
     NATO is acting without a UN mandate.
     We are violating every international law governing
     respect for the sovereignty of nations.
     We are acting without the mandate of the
     American people. Do the American people truly believe
     our national interests are at stake? A recent CBS
     Radio broadcast quoted a poll that said 50% of
     Americans cannot find Kosovo on a map!

    Is this the well-informed constituency that gives us a
    mandate to attack Yugoslavia?
    I ask again by what authority do we act? Is it the authority of
    the law of God, the law of our country, or international
    We are about to send our sons into an open-ended quagmire
    that will bring only death and destruction for all involved. We
    claim we want to end the killing in Kosovo. Let's remember
    that it has been the terrorist gangs known as the KLA
    that have been the first to violate every cease-fire since the
    Serbs agreed to a cease-fire. Almost every time violence has
    erupted since the beginning of this conflict it was the KLA
    that was the first to commit such violence.
    American boys are being asked to prepare to kill and die
    because Serbia is defending her Christian heartland against
    Muslim fundamentalists, secessionists, and terrorists.
    Has this been taken into consideration?
    I presume your advisors have decided to bring
    peace by bombing one of  Europe's oldest Christian
    civilizations into oblivion.
    Throughout history it is this very civilization
    that has always been a bulwark against the hordes
    that came from the east to threaten Europe.

   It is the Serbians that are known to history as "the
   People of the Gate" because they guarded the door to
   Europe in the Krajina. The Krajina Serbs are now
   no more thanks to a previous NATO strike in 1995. Do we
   want to eliminate one more Orthodox Christian Civilization
   before the end of our century?
   Not so long ago the southern states of our
   country attempted to secede from this great Union.
   President Lincoln acted to crush this rebellion
   and many Americans died willingly to keep our country
   whole. How do you suppose your great predecessor would
   have reacted if a NATO type force had threatened him?
   Are you sure the people of Yugoslavia are not as willing to
   keep their country whole as were our brave America
   As I write this letter I am listening to your speech on CNN.
   You are claiming Turkey is a "moderate Muslim state".
   Is that because they are attempting to eliminate the Kurdish
   culture and identity from the face of our planet? Is
   it because they are consistently claiming the Aegean islands of
   Greece as their own and keep up a posture of threat against Greece?
   The modern and "moderate" Turkish State was founded
   by Mustapha Kemal, the man who in 1922 burnt the cosmopolitan
   city of Smyrna to the ground and roasted alive her two-hundred
   thousand Christian occupants. Smyrna was once the jewel of the
   Mediterranean. The American Consul Mr. George Horton, who
   witnessed the carnage, said at the time that not since the
   Romans razed Carthage had the world seen such destruction.
   Smyrna had had a Christian presence since the time the
   Book of the Revelation was given to Saint John where the great city is
   mentioned. In 1922, the moderate State of Turkey put an end to that.
   The modern and "moderate" State of Turkey also killed
   millions of Greek Orthodox Christians in Anatolia and Pontus
   earlier this century. In 1955, a year in which you and I both lived,
   the "moderate" State of Turkey aided and abetted a pogrom against
   the Greek Orthodox population of Constantinople. In that year the
   Greek Orthodox of Constantinople numbered over 500,000.
   Today there a less than 2,000 there.
   Is this the type of moderate Muslim future state that the KLA
   envisions for Kosovo? Hovo in his attempt to defeat the Serbs.
   During World War One the Serbs lost a third of their young men
   defending freedom. Not so many years ago Hitler's

    Wermacht broke its teeth in Yugoslavia. Mr. President, do not
    be so naïve as to believe that the young men of America's armed
    forces will not pay a heavy price in blood if we continue on this road.
     In 1940 when the Serbs broke their pact with the Axis they paid a
     heavy price for their decision to join the side of Freedom. Belgrade
     was reduced to rubble and thousands were slaughtered; yet the
     Serbs stood fast. Winston Churchill commented at the time that
     "the Serbs had found their soul."
     I am praying, Mr. President, that you find your soul and the
     vision to see the death that will be wrought in committing this
     folly. I pray you find the courage to face the American people and
     tell them we made a mistake and that we must call off a NATO strike.
     "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God."
     St. Matthew 4:9
     In Christ, I am,
     Metropolitan Archbishop PAVLOS
     Of the Greek Orthodox Old Calendar
     Church of North and South America


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