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Why? Why?

In the Name of Allah,
He is the one who made us what we are....
Islam, that wonderful guide to life, encourages human beings to experience life to the fullest. Allah, our merciful lord, provider and sustainer has created for us many wondrous beauties. As Muslims whose very mind and soul have been willingly submitted to the will of God, we then try to discover ourselves through discovering our world.

Why did god create beauty? why do we have the ability to sense beauty? why couldnít water, still being water in terms of its function to quench our thirst and cleanse our bodies, have just existed as a more economically and physically convenient pill.

Why did god create variety? Why all the variety in our planetís topography and landscape. Why couldnít trees, still being trees in terms of their function to provide food and shade have just existed in the form of steel like umbrellas. Why did there have to be grass? Why mountains of varying elevation; some lofty penetrating the high mists, snow topped, magestic and grandoise; some tame housing communities of people, some round, some sharp-edged, some green and vast, some rocky and blunt. Is it not more convenient, easier, more obvious to just have a flat extended monotonous land, after all if it can provide a surface on which to walk, its function is served.

Why all the complexities of the human body. Why all the microscopic interactions that occur within every cell of every tissue of every organ of every system of our body. Why this extravagant temple, why not just a simple hut? Why muscles and bones, why flesh and blood, why hair and skin? Why not just single natured, homogeneous covers to our souls? Why all the variety of animals, some of which we are not even aware. Some ferocious, some docile; some massive some invisible, some plenty some few, some hydrospheric some lithospheric, some by day, some by night. Why animals at all? Why the change in night and day? why the break of dawn, the might of noon, the ripeness of dusk, the serenity of sunset, the tranquility of night? Why not just a single, consistent amount of sunlight.

Why the variety of seasons? Why the youthfulness of blossoming spring, why the enthusiasm of rippened summer, why the peacefulness of weary autumn, why the discipline of bitter winter. Why not just a single, monotonous weather and climate for all places, isnít that more convenient, isnít that more obvious? Why variety? why variety? why variety?

- A. M. Rehab