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My Best Friend, Khaled

Lodda 2001 Allow me to introduce you to you a great guy, Khaled Haggag. Khaled is also a Chicago software engineer; he works for an arcade gaming company. Khaled and I met in college as freshmen and have been friends since. Amongst this guy's greatest virtues is his impeccable taste for music, and his phenomenal soccer skills. He is also a good person to hang out or party with.

Khaled was born in Argentina and also lived in Switzerland, France, Kenya, Rwanda, Ireland and Egypt of course. Coincidentally, he moved to the US the same month and year I did, Septemper 1992. We attended different high schools and did not meet until 2 years later.
Khaled's brother, Amr Haggag - who is also a dear friend - has been banished in the University of Illinois for the last 9 years. But he will soon emerge with his ultimate prize, a Ph.D. degree in Computer Engineering as a reward for all these years of hard work and dedication. Khaled's mom, the sweetest lady around, is a Ph.D. in lingusitcs who is an activist in her field. Khaled's dad, Mr. Ossama Haggag, is currently Egypt's Ambassador to Hungary and Slovenia.

Hamada and Lodda at some party, 2001
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