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Why do normal people put up homepages? To me, a homepage's purpose is threefold. One, it is an efficient, centralized way to share one's news with family and friends around the world - especially as their quantity and location tends to be dynamic over time.
Two, it is a great way to identify people with similar personalities and interests as oneself. I have forged invaluable friendships this way with quality people of intellect and style from all around the world - I am particularly interested in diverse cultures and peoples, and prefer an international flavor to life. Finally, it provides for an opportunity to give some exposure to the issues and causes that matter to me, and to personally interact with those who are interested.

The cause that I have adopted as my foremost, is promoting moderate Islam as the one comprehensive and true faith for all humanity. There is one God, one humanity - it makes perfect sense that there be one faith that connects the latter to the former.

I hope you enjoy your visit here, and I welcome the opportunity to make your acquaintance.

- Ahmed Rehab    
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