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Welcome to the "Zinedine Zidane Chat Room"!
Please take a couple of minutes to read the GUIDLINES, and INSTRUCTIONS, before proceeding. INSTRUCTIONS shall also be available for viewing once you are in the chat room.

1.  NO Obscenity, profanity, or foul language.
2.  NO racial, religious, or sexual discrimination.
3.  NO flooding, or sending files.
4.  NO harassing, or undue soliciting.
5.  No advertising, or engaging in any activities that might ruin our chatters enjoyment.

     Send all complaints to

 To Chat: simply enter what you wish to say in the blank, then hit the "Say
 It!" button, or press the Return key.

 The page automatically refreshes periodically, but you may press the
 "Refresh" button to force the page to display the newest messages.

 Commands: The following special commands are recognized:

 Whisper: Whispering allows you to say something privately to another
 chatter. Other chatters will see you whispering, but they can't hear what
 you're saying. Enter your message like "/w Handle Message". 
 For instance, entereing:

 /w Bob How are you?

 (and press "Say It!", or the Return key) Sends the message "How are you?"
 privately to Bob. No one else will be able to see what you said.

 Ignore: If someone is being a pest, you may simply ignore them. Enter the
 command "/i Handle" to ignore a specific person.
 For example:

 /i Bob 

 (and press "Say It!" or the Return key)
 Will filter out all messages from Bob. Bob can talk all he wants, but you can't
 hear him.

 Un-ignore: This allows you to stop ignoring someone. This command has
 the form "/u Handle".
 For example:

 /u Bob 

 (and press "Say It!" or the Return key)
 Will allow you to once again hear what Bob is saying. (If you weren't really
 ignoring Bob in the first place, this has no effect)

 Action: The action command lets you describe what you are doing. The
 command has the form "/a what you are doing".
 For example (assuming your handle is Bob), entering:

 /a taps his foot impatiently

 (and hitting "Say It!" or the Return key)
 causes the screen to display:
 ** Bob taps his foot impatiently ** , allowing everyone to know what you
 are up to.

 Boot: You may "boot" people out of the chat room. This parameter is
 configurable by the room owner and may not be allowed in all chat rooms.
 Each chat room has a "booting level" which corresponds to the number of
 different peo ple which have to "boot" someone before they are knocked out
 of the room for a certain period of time. This command has the form "/b
 For example, entering:

 /b Bob

 (and press "Say It!" or the Return key)
 Will give Bob the "boot". Once enough people have "booted" Bob, he will
 be banished for a certain number of minutes (configurable by the room
 owner). Bob will see a message which tells him that he has been booted,
 giving the number o f seconds until he is allowed back in.

 Images: Certain built-in images are allowed to be inserted in the chat room.
 Unlike other commands, you can insert images anywhere in your message.
 images have the form "//ImageName". 
 For example, entering:

 I have an //light

 (and pressing "Say It!" or the Return key)
 Bob: : I have an 

 Take a look at the available images here.

When you enter the chat room for the first time,
click "sign up" so as to register a HANDLE (i.e: nick), and a PASSWORD.


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