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I am not obsessed with Zidane or any other creature!

Several people have written to me either implicitly or explicitly suggesting that I am obsessed with Zidane, others have termed my online tribute to this worthy football star : “a shrine”. In response to this absurdity, I would like to say, quite simply and without much ado: “what an utter and complete load of crap”. I certaintly LOVE him, but I am not obsessed with him.

I, Ahmed Rehab, am obsessed with nothing, let alone a human being. Only one thing is worthy of my obsession, only one thing is worthy of my complete love and respect, and that is God. If I care about Zidane, then it is only so much as in his capacity as a competent and captivating soccer player. I might admire Zidane for the aforementioned reason, amongst similar others such as his gentle, shy personality, and the fact that he is a brother , but that in no way is an obsession. I have no problem criticizing him where criticism is due!

Ahmed M. Rehab   

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