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Gondola Jockeys, or Pizzeria busboys ?

I absolutely and utterly despise the fact that this man, Zidane, has allowed himself to stoop so low as to name his kids Enzo, and Luca. What the hell is this? It seems that the stinging xenophobia which this poor soul has so reluctantly endured all these years in France, and perhaps in Italy, has gotten to his head. I mean, donít get me wrong, I absolutely adore Zidane, but this is just too much. Who the heck is he trying to please for Godís sake, his wife? the Italians? The French?

If the French or Italians canít handle Muslim names then screw them - they would just simply be a bunch of raving racist bastards that deserve no compliance on his part whatsoever. Heck, if this were the case, I would call my kid  Mehamaddain-mekheimer-abdrabboh, just to prove to them that their ignorant racist opinions donít matter a whiff to me. ( I canít help but wonder why on earth didnít he call his kid Zaki, I mean Zaki Zidane is an awesome name if ever I heard one, Luca Zidane however sounds especially lame)

Yet still, I somehow doubt that European racism is fully to blame, I think Zidane is suffering from a much larger problem: a personal identity crisis, of which this Enzo-luca thing is only a projection. I honestly feel that I have seen clear symptoms of this, portrayed by Zidane, on several instances. In this case, my advice to him is to win back his personality. Work on building up your self-confidence, reassert yourself  in the public spotlight, and learn to enforce your personal views on your environment rather than succumb to the surrounding influences and pressures like some kind of feeble goat. I would suggest he check out how others, facing similar problems, have reacted. Prince Naseem Hamed has done a wonderful job  in England, balancing his great relationship with the British and European adoring fans, awhile constantly showing pride and confidence in his Islam. Nothing can scare him from voicing his beliefs quite assertively.

Whatever the case, I would like once again to remind all readers that I sincerely love Zizou from the bottom my heart as foolish as he sometimes seems. I would also like to remind all readers that I am not writing this article to belittle him or condemn him, but simply to criticize him where criticism is due. Even having said what I have said, I withhold judgment on the reasons behind Zidane calling his kids Enzo, and Luca, until I hear his own argument. I ask readers to do the same. Perhaps, there are legitimate reasons of which I am not aware... All in all, I just wish this great man would take care of certain personality issues, so as to allow me to continue being a fully pledged and proud fan.

Mimo Del Gammon