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"Zidane's official Juventus Pic"

"World Champion 1998,
Zidane has long been compared to Platini,
now with his clenching France's only trophy, he stands in a class of his own"

"Zidane is known for his tactful mastery of the ball,
especially in tight areas"

"Zidane is a pro when it comes to free kicks and corners"

"Zidane is most adored for his super fast passes and ingenious insight,
it is said, he forsees upcoming plays 10 seconds before anyone else does"

"Zidane is not particularly known for his headers;
however, his TWO header goals in the 98 world cup final
showed that there is more to this player than meets the eye"

"Success does not come without Pain,
for there is no sea without waves"

"Zidane is physically endowed, a large strong body and long legs,
"He definitely capitalizes on that, his control of the ball and posession are incredible"

"No Comment, just observe and learn!"

"Zidane is somewhat of a symbol for the contemporary Juventus"

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