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AmrexDesign.Com is specialized in the design, implementation, and maintenance of websites. We provide all website accessories ranging from custom built graphics to customer feedback forms.

We do not do E-Commerce such as credit card validation, shopping carts, or the like. We focus on the design and implementation of sites for individuals (personal websites or professional HTML Resumees), small or medium-sized companies, and social institutions such as churchs, mosques, or summer camps. We also do sports websites and websites relating to recreational activities, in addition to many other types of websites.

Please check out our Client Portfolio to visit some of our client sites and get an idea of the quality of our work. We use static HTML, but also dynamic HTML (DHTML), and scripting languages such as JavaScript; therefore, we are able to provide our clients with interactive, lively websites.

Finally, we also offer website maintenance, for existing or new websites, which may include tasks such as updating, adding or removing elements, and changes or fixes of any kind.

  • Crisp, neat, high-quality color, custom-built graphics.

  • Easy To Use Navigation: your page visitors will be able to browse your site with comfort and ease.

  • Professional Appearance: your page visitors will trust your business more if it looks and feels professional.

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Our designs are thematic, in other words they stress matching colors and shapes. Our layouts are spacious and never cluttered. Our goal is to create pages that are appealing to the eye at first glance.

  • Unmatched Prices. Most impressively, our prices are much lower than that of our competitors even as we offer much higher quality products. That is a claim we are willing to guarantee. Check our Price List for details. Alternatively, browse the web for any web design companies of our caliber, and compare their prices and quality with ours - you will see for yourself.

  • Timely Delivery: We make it a point to deliver on our deadlines.

  • Excellent Communication: We stress the importance of fluid, effective communication with our clients. From the minute you first contact us to the minute we deliver the last piece of your website, you will find that we are accessible, straight-forward, and a pleasure to do business with.

  • Dependable Customer Support: After a website has been completely built and published on the web, it may typically require support and maintenance. We provide continous customer support.

  • We Make You Our Partner: Should you wish it, we let you drive the direction your website's design will assume. Alternatively, you can kick back and depend on the expertise and creativity of our staff.

  • Finally, ours is a professional company of professional employees. Our employees are not high school entrepreneurs, but trained graphic designers, and HTML/Scripting Programmers.

    To Order: Please proceed to view the various packages and services we have to offer, and then contact us with your needs. We will be glad to assist you.