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M . E . N . T . O . R . S

It's hard to progress in life without a mentor after whom you can model yourself and through whom you can find much needed inspiration. The following three are my mentors for who they are, and what they have achieved.

Dr. Mahmoud Rehab
Chemical Engineer

My father. A very intelligent and well read man. He showed me that one can balance a successful academic career (holding an interesting variety of jobs and positions), and still maintain a healthy private family life. I admire him most for his championing of the real qualities of Islam that are often overshadowed by superficial cultural imopositions. My foremost mentor since childhood.

Dr. Moustapha Mahmoud
Physician, and Writer

I am indebted with gratitude for what I consider to be an immense favor he has done me: demonstarting that purely intellectual and logical thinkers really do exist in Egypt. An oasis of true contemplation in the midst of an either fundamental or liberal extreme. Iced topping on the cake is his alliance to the true Islam of reason. I dare say, I naturally happen to share many of his ideas.

You can learn more about Dr. Moustapha Mahmoud at the site I'm making for him

Dr. Cherif Bassiouni
International Law Professor

A living encyclopedia. What can I say about a man who knows six languages fluently; is the president of three different institutions covering The US, France, and Italy; is an international authority in his field; is the recepient of the highest national honor from Italy, Austria, and Egypt; is a nuclear source of books and publications; and is a very reasonable and contemplative Muslim. Did I mention he is world recognized for his humanitarian efforts; he has been featured in media venues worldwide, from CNN to Al-Ahram. I have had the honor to have known him personally; a most delightful man to watch and listen to.

Picture: Prof. M. Cherif Bassiouni: "Thinking Mode!"

And Of Course, My Mother
The love of my Life

Everything That I am, I owe to my wonderful mother.
As my father amusedly mentioned, she has probably impacted my life more than the above three combined.
I ask God to grant her paradise, as well as for my father.
Thanks mom.

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