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High School: Maine Township High School South

Undergraduate Studies: The University of Illinois at Chicago

Graduate Studies: DePaul University

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Career Plans:

Professional Career: Software Engineering

  • I am currently employed with Arthur Andersen in downtown Chicago. Andersen is a prestigious worldwide professional services firm. I work in the technology solutions branch.
  • I hope to remain with this company, which I happen to like, and to hopefully grow gradually within it.
  • Additionally, at some point, I hope to be someway involved in the production of educational software, combining a delicious multimedia experience with invaluable information in history, geography, religion, literature, languages, or children's material.

Academic Career: University

  • My lifelong goal as far as academia goes is to someday be a full university professor im my field of study.

  • God willing, I will complete my masters in the year 2000. I hope to join a Ph.D program either directly following graduation, or after working in the professional market for a couple of years.

  • My primary research principle is to engage in a research effort that would somehow benefit the educational, or moral growth of people, rather than simply contribute to economic or technological efficiency. The challenge is to locate such research ideas.

  • Depaul, Northwestern Universities, and the University of Illinois are amongst the universities I would like to pursue my Ph.D at.

'Personal' Career: Society

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