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P . R . O . F . I . L . E

Vital Statistics

Name: Ahmed Mahmoud Rehab
Age: 22
Height: 6'3" (187cm)
Weight: 175lb

Birth Date: 14 December 1976
Birth Place: Heliopolis (Cairo, Egypt)
Sign: Saggitarius

Nationality: Egypt
Religion: Islam
Permanent Residence: Chicago
Occupation: Graduate Student / Software Engineer


I was born in December of 1976 to a chemical engineer (father), and a Russian translator (mother) in suburban Cairo. I have two sisters. The older one, Dalia Rehab completed her masters in ESL at Northeastern Illinois university. After teaching English at various colleges in Chicago, as well as foreign language centers in Egypt. She is married to Ahmed Maarouf, an Egyptian physician. She is now teaching in Kuwait university where she lives with her husband and new born son, Yousef. Dina Rehab is attending college at the University of Illinois at Chicago, she is double majoring in French and Italian. She was awarded a scholarship to Perugia, Italy in summer of 1999.

I spent the first 6 years of my life in Egypt, I then moved to Manchester, England where my father was awarded his Ph.D. At the age of 11, I came back to Egypt where I spent the next 5 years. Finally I immigrated to the States in 1992 at the age of 15. I have completed the last 2 years of high school, and graduated college since I got here. I am now doing my masters fulltime at DePaul, and am working full-time at Arthur Andersen. I plan to get married and start a family in a couple of years or so.

Photo Album

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Mug Shots
Mug shot # 1
Mug shot # 2
Mug shot # 3
Pepe le Pugh (oui, c'est moi)
Rehab & Haggag (Most Recent pic)

Childhood Pics
Age Six, with Mom. (Egypt)
Age Seven, school picture. (England)

Cool Pics
Rehab, Stukel, & Broski (No, that is not a law firm!)
Prince Ahmed ibn Mahmoud Al Rehab (prince of Dalgamoon)

My Family Members (under construction)
Me and my Sisters
My baby nephew, Yousef # 1
My baby nephew, Yousef # 2

Ahmed Rehab in 1914
Ahmed Rehab and Grandpa Rehab in 1914
3 Generations

On Location
My Chicago Neighborhood
My Cairo Neighborhood
Egyptian vacation (Alexandria)
At the Art Institute of Chicago
With pals (at a Wael Kafoury party)
Summer 1998 Job: Tour Guide

My T-bird

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