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Why is it important?

I completed my B.A in Psychology, at the University of Illinois at Chicago , a field which I happen to enjoy studying immensely. Psychology is a practical science which plays a direct role in one's life as it provides for an understanding of human behavior and therefore the dexterity and wisdom to apply the acquired knowledge into the various forms of relationships with other people towards a healthy outcome. This is true whether this relationship be with one's spouse, one's parents, one's children or one's friends. Moreover, a well rooted knowledge into the nature of the human psyche takes oneself a step closer towards understanding the nature of the human relationship with God, as well as the mechanisms of how religion works to affect people. This is especially true in the case of the religion of nature, that is the natural religion: Islam... In the future, I intend to explore the wondrous effects of Islam on the human mind and soul, through studying Islam as a psychological cure to the inner volcanoes of the soul....

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